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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 23, 1994


Under the leadership of Chairman Ford, the decisive action by the Members of the House Education and Labor Committee has brought us one step closer to achieving our goal of universal coverage -- guaranteed private insurance for every American that can never be taken away.

Chairman Ford has had a long, distinguished career in Congress and his guidance throughout the health care reform process -- and his commitment to universal coverage -- will help us ensure that all Americans have the health security they want and deserve.

With today's action, for the first time ever, a committee in each house of Congress has reported a bill that guarantees universal coverage. They have broken the chokehold of special interests, and by choosing to cover everyone, have stood up instead for millions of hard working middle class Americans.

As we continue to move forward, and as momentum for reform builds, this committee action sends a clear signal to the American people that Congress is well on its way to making health care history this year.