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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 22, 1994


On June 26 and 27, the White House will host a Conference on Africa. The Conference will draw together members of the Administration with 150 of America's leaders on African affairs, including experts from the Congress, business, labor, religious groups, human rights groups, academia, environmental groups and others to discuss critical African issues and the U.S. response to them.

In announcing the conference, the President said, "The challenges facing Africa and American policy towards the continent will draw on the participation and combined efforts of all Americans. This meeting is an important opportunity for leaders who care deeply about Africa to share ideas and experiences."

Among the issues to be discussed at the conference will be the promotion of sustainable development, responses to internal conflicts, support for democracy and human rights, and enhancing bilateral trade and investment ties.

The President is expected to address the conference on June 27, the same day that Vice President Al Gore will deliver the keynote address at a luncheon for participants. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, National Security Adviser Anthony Lake, other senior Administration officials and Members of Congress will also address the conference. OAU Secretary General Salim Salim will present the keynote address at a dinner hosted by Secretary Christopher at the State Department on June 26.

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