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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release June 17, 1994
         Event To Focus On Role Of Men In Children's Lives

        ****** MONDAY, JULY 11  NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ******
        WASHINGTON -- Continuing an effort he began three years 

ago to support and strengthen families across America, Vice President Al Gore, accompanied by his wife, Tipper Gore, will moderate the Third Annual Family Reunion Conference Monday, July 11 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center Polk Theater in Nashville.

Family Reunion III: The Role of Men in Children's Lives is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Human Services and the Children, Youth and Families Consortium of the University of Minnesota. It is the third in a series of family policy conferences moderated by the Vice President. This year's conference will focus on the role of men in children's lives and reconnecting young people with their fathers.

"Men play a crucial role in children's lives. Unfortunately, many young people across this country are growing up without them," Vice President Gore said. "This conference will help bring together policy makers, family members and experts in the field to discuss and discover ways to reconnect fathers and other men with children."

"Balancing the demands of work and family is difficult. It takes every member making an effort for it to work well. That's why it is so important to address the role of fathers within the family -- to understand why ineffective patterns of fatherhood have developed over the years and to learn new approaches to bring them back into the family circle. Our children are depending on us," the Vice President said.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and President Clinton's Domestic Policy Council Director, Carol Rasco, will join the Vice President at the all-day conference. The conference will include men and women's forums; entertainment; policy roundtable discussions and a town hall meeting moderated by Vice President Gore.

Additional information about times, location, and press coverage will be released as it becomes available. For more information about credentialing and logistics the media should contact Princine Lewis or Jennifer Miller at 615-742- 8113.