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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 10, 1994


SUBJECT: Scheduled Air Service Ban

In furtherance of the international effort to remove the de facto regime in Haiti and to restore the democratically elected Aristide government, I have taken certain steps in the Executive order that I issued today.

In addition, I have determined that it is in the essential foreign policy interests of the United States that additional action beyond that in Executive Order No. 12914 of May 7, 1994, be taken regarding transportation by air to Haiti. I have determined that, with respect to regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights of U.S. and Haitian air carriers, and except to the extent provided in regulations, orders, directives, authorizations, or licenses that may be issued by the Department of the Treasury in consultation with the Departments of State and Transportation, the following is prohibited: the granting of permission to any aircraft to take off from, land in, or overfly the territory of the United States, if the aircraft, as part of the same flight or as a continuation of that flight, is destined to land in or has taken off from the territory of Haiti.

The Department of Transportation should take appropriate action to implement this decision. That action should be effective as of 11:59 p.m., eastern daylight time on June 24, 1994, and these measures should remain in effect until further notification.


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