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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 9, 1994


Today is an historic day. The Senate Labor and Human Re- sources Committee has become the first full Congressional Commit- tee to report out a health care reform bill. The action of Chairman Kennedy's Committee gives me great confidence that Con- gress will pass legislation this year that meets the expectation of the American people: guaranteed private insurance for every American that can never be taken away. Once again, Chairman Kennedy has demonstrated the leadership that has made him a driv- ing force in the fight for quality health care for the last three decades.

Under the leadership of Chairman Moynihan, the Senate Fi- nance Committee is moving. Chairman Moynihan is committed to achieving universal coverage and bringing legislation to the American people this year.

For the first time in our history, Committees in both the Senate and the House are seriously moving forward on health care reform. While much work remains, today's actions prove that the job will be done. The momentum demonstrated in the House and Senate this week is heartening to me and all Americans who want and deserve real health security.