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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 24, 1994


Meeting with President Ulmanis of Latvia

President Clinton met today with Latvian President Guntis Ulmanis who is visiting the United States for the official opening of the Latvian Mission to the United Nations in New York. During their half-hour discussion in the Oval Office, the President congratulated President Ulmanis on the historic agreements signed April 30 between Latvia and Russia that provide for the withdrawal of Russian military forces from Latvia by August 31, 1994.

The two leaders discussed the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Baltic countries. President Clinton underscored to President Ulmanis that this issue remains among his highest foreign policy priorities. He noted the vision and statesmanship displayed by Presidents Ulmanis and Yeltsin in signing the April 30 agreements, which will contribute to stability and security both within the Baltic region and throughout all of Europe. In this connection, both leaders expressed optimism that agreement would soon be reached on the withdrawal of Russian forces from Estonia by this summer.

The two leaders discussed specific U.S. and multilateral steps planned to support the implementation of the withdrawal agreements. They also reviewed U.S. bilateral assistance programs aimed at supporting continued progress in Latvia's transition to a market economy.

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