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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 20, 1994

Statement by the Press Secretary

President Clinton extends his congratulations to Presidentelect Bakili Muluzi on his victory in this week's election in Malawi and to the Malawian people on the peace and stability which characterized the election and the transition period. The President also commends outgoing President Banda for his contributions to the success of the electoral process and his offer to work with the new government to ensure a smooth transition.

The election in Malawi marks another historic step in that nation's transition to multi-party democracy. The President welcomes Mr. Muluzi's commitment to uphold the rule of law, guarantee human rights and civil liberties, and pursue economic liberalization. Coupled with the recent events in South Africa, the election in Malawi establishes another powerful model for democratic reform and national reconciliation.

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