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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 5, 1994
                        STATEMENT OF LLOYD CUTLER

The White House today received a subpoena for documents relating to the Independent Counsel's inquiry into Vincent Foster's death. The White House will cooperate fully and promptly with the Independent Counsel. Deputy Counsel Joel Klein will be responsible for compliance.

The subpoena seeks production of the following:

  1. Any and all documents and/or communications written by, sent to or referring or relating to Vincent W. Foster, Jr. This includes but is not limited to any and all documents and/or communications:
    1. removed from the office of Vincent Foster on or after July 20, 1993 (to the extent that any such documents have already been produced to a person or entity outside the White House, please state:
      1. to whom the documents were produced;
      2. when the documents were produced;
      3. how the documents were produced; and
      4. what specific documents were produced);
    2. indices, memoranda or other documents listing, referring or relating to documents and other items maintained within the office of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.;
    3. referring or relating to Vincent W. Foster, Jr. that were maintained in any safe within the offices of the White House General Counsel;
    4. contained on the fixed hard drive or removable hard disk cartridges of computers used by, or in the office or work space of Vincent W. Foster, Jr. or Deborah Gorham, or contained on any floppy disk or diskette maintained by Vincent W. Foster, Jr. or Deborah Gorham; and
  2. Any paging device or beeper assigned to or used by Vincent W. Foster, Jr.