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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 15, 1994


          At the end of March through the first couple of 
     days in April, extensive rainfall and flash flooding 
     swept across much of Tennessee.  Four deaths were 
     attributed to the severe storms, and more than a 
     hundred people had to leave their homes and seek refuge
     in public shelters.  The rainfall and floodwater 
     damaged the state's transportation system and other 
     public facilities.  Because of the magnitude of the 
     damage, the President has declared the state a major 
     disaster area, eligible for federal disaster aid.   
          I am pleased that Tennessee will receive the 
     assistance it needs to recover from the damage.  The 
     President's decision will provide assistance to help 
     individuals and families to rebuild their homes and 
     communities.  Assistance also will be available to 
     repair bridges and roads and other public facilities.  
     Much of the aid is targeted to rural areas where 
     residents were hit the hardest.
          I know this is a difficult time for everyone 
     affected by the storm, but I am pleased that this aid 
     may help alleviate much of the impact and assist in 
     rebuilding Tennessee communities.