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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 12, 1994

In an effort to strengthen the partnership between government and the non-profit sector, the President today will announce the appointment of 25 Administration liaisons to work with the non-profit sector on common goals. Today's announcement will take place during a meeting at the White House with 200 representatives of non-profit organizations and foundations.

"I have long advocated the role of the non-profit sector. Throughout our history, the non-profit community has helped our nation adapt to a changing world by strengthening the core values that shape American life. Today, that role has never been more important. The Non-Profit Liaison Network will create better collaboration between the Administration and advocacy and service groups in a mutual effort to solve the problems of crime, housing, health care and other pressing national needs," said the President.

The Non-Profit Liaison Network is composed of 25 Administration officials who represent every principal department and most agencies within the Administration. The liaisons will serve as the designated contacts within their department or agency for the non-profit community. They will be responsible for communicating with the non-profit community and collaborating on matters that affect them.

Today's announcement is yet another step in the Administration's effort to support the work of service and advocacy groups. Currently, the Corporation for National Service -- an initiative proposed by President Clinton and passed by Congress last year -- is already working with younger people, students, business and community leaders to reach our common goals.

Today's meeting will include many individuals committed to serving in a non-profit capacity. Among the participants are: James Joseph, President of the Council on Foundations; Brian O' Connell, President of Independent Sector; John Gardner, former Secretary of HEW and respected expert on the non-profit sector; Jim Rouse; Dorothy Height; and the heads of the Coca Cola and Readers Digest foundations.