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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 30, 1994
                        AS AMBASSADOR TO ALGERIA

     The President today announced his intention to 

nominate Ronald E. Neumann, of California, as Ambassador to Algeria.

"Ronald Neumann has exhibited dedication and diplomacy throughout his career," the President said. "His experience in the Middle East makes him uniquely qualified for this important position."

Mr. Neumann is currently the Director of the Office of Northern Gulf Affairs (Iran and Iraq). He entered the Foreign Service in 1970. After an initial tour in Senegal, 1971-1973, he began to specialize in the Middle East. He served in Tabriz, Iran as Vice Counsel and later as Principal Officer, 1973-1976. Subsequent tours abroad included Deputy Chief of Mission in Yemen, 1981-1983, and Deputy Chief of Mission in the United Arab Emirates, 1987-1990. In the Department, Mr. Neumann served in the Office of Southern European Affairs, 1976-1977; as Staff Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Near East and South Asia, 1977-1978; as Jordan desk officer, 1978- 1981; and as Deputy Director of the Office of Arabian Peninsula Affairs. He attended the National War College in 1990-1991.

Born in Washington, D.C. on September 30, 1944, Mr. Neumann grew up in California. He holds a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of California at Riverside. He served in the Army (1967- 1970), including a Vietnam tour as an infantry platoon leader (1/11, 5th Infantry Division). His foreign languages are French and Arabic. He is married to Margaret Elaine Neumann. They have one son and one daughter.