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                  Office of the Press Secretary
                         (Miami, Florida)

For Immediate Release March 21, 1994
                     REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                          UPON ARRIVAL 

                       Century Village East
                     Deerfield Beach, Florida

12:47 P.M. EST

Q Anything new on North Korea, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: Let me just say -- about North Korea -- the IAEA has made their judgement; now there will be consultations at the U.N.

I think you know -- I think President Kim has confirmed that I sent him a letter at the end of last week. And we have agreed that it is in our national interest and the interest of the security of the people of South Korea and the security of our armed forces there to proceed with the Patriot deployment, so we will do that.

As to the next issues, I think we have to just wait and see what will happen. I can't say more today. We're going to have to work on this on a day-to-day basis. I will say again, I want to emphasize this decision on the Patriots is purely defensive in nature. But it is appropriate -- General Luck has said he thinks it's necessary as the continuing modernization of our forces proceeds. What happens now is still in the court of the North Koreans and we must hope that they will do the right thing.

Thank you.

THE PRESS: Thank you.

END12:49 EST P.M.