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                  Office of the Press Secretary
                     (Nashua, New Hampshire)
For Immediate Release                              March 15, 1994
                     REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                           TO THE POOL
                  Elm Street Junior High School
                      Nashua, New Hampshire

Q Does it make you angry?

THE PRESIDENT: No, but let me show you something. Look at this. This is what people care about. Here's a child with a preexisting condition. He can't get health insurance. So I went out there, was shaking hands in the crowd, the mother gave me a picture of this child. That's where America is -- with these people --

Q Why do think it's been so hard for you to get your message to --

THE PRESIDENT: I haven't been out here with them.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: You can draw your own conclusion about that, but you heard from a lot of wise people here today.

Q Are you angry, Mr. President? You sounded awfully angry last night.

THE PRESIDENT: I wasn't. I was happy. What I said last night, I was not angry, but I'm determined. That was a deliberate -- I wanted to tell those people how I felt. And I'm very happy being here today. This is America, this is where they are.

Q It sure looks like you started the `96 campaign - --

THE PRESIDENT: It's not about the `96 campaign, this is about what we're going to do in Congress for the American people in 1994. That's what this was about.

THE PRESS: Thank you.