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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 1, 1994
                       REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT

The Roosevelt Room

2:53 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: I'm glad to be here with the people who are negotiating my next year's salary. (Laughter.)

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure to welcome the Dallas Cowboys to the White House for a second year in a row. Coach Johnson, your team has a knack for coming to the White House.

I said they were negotiating my next year's salary. I really -- until you hired Bernie Kosar, I sort of wanted to be the back-up quarterback. (Laughter.) I'm the right height.

I want to congratulate Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith and Russell Maryland and Michael Irvin for being selected to the Pro Bowl, and for their brilliant play.

I also want to say that I really identify with the season the Cowboys had this year. They lost their first two games, they were even behind in the Super Bowl, but they kept coming back. Now the decade is not even half over and they've already won two Super Bowls. There's no telling what this team can do -- it's young, it's aggressive, it has a good attitude, it has great leadership.

And I have to say a little bit of parochial pride on behalf of my state, that I'm really proud of the work that Jerry Jones has done with the Cowboys in such a few years, and proud of the remarkable achievements this team has already seen. I think that it is just the beginning of what will doubtless be years and years and years of stunning achievement if they can just keep their goals high and keep working for them.

It's a great honor to have them here and I'd like to invite them to say a few words. Who's going first? Jerry?

Let's give them a hand. (Applause.)

END2:55 P.M. EST