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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 5, 1994

Statement by the Press Secretary

At the G-7 summit in Tokyo, the President invited the finance, labor, industry and economics ministers of the G-7 industrialized nations to attend a jobs conference. In recent months, our government has consulted with our allies about plans for the conference. Last night, the President informed the G-7 governments that the conference would be held in Detroit, Michigan on March 14-15.

A White House message to the other governments said, in part:

     "Detroit is a working city that has embraced change, met the 
     challenges of technology, and lives and dies by 
     international trade.  Holding the jobs conference in Detroit 
     will send a message that we intent to confront the challenge 
     of job creation and unemployment, not retreat to the 
     economic structures of yesterday."