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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 17, 1993


The President signed the following bills today:

H.R. 1944 - War in the Pacific National Historical Park: Expresses the sense of the Congress that an appropriate commemoration be planned of the 50th Anniversary of the Mariana campaign in the Pacific during World War II. Sponsored by Rep. Underwood and 31 others.

H.R. 2840 - Copyright Tribunal Reform Act of 1993: Eliminates the Copyright Royalty Tribunal and assigns its responsibilities to the Librarian of Congress. Sponsored by Reps. Hughes and Frank.

H.R. 3000 - FRIENDSHIP Act: Repeals or amends obsolete statutes that restrict or otherwise interfere with relations between the United States and the independent states of the former Soviet Union. Sponsored by Reps. Gephardt and Michel.

H.R. 3216 - Domestic Chemical Diversion Control Act of 1993: Requires manufacturers of certain chemicals used in drug products sold "over-thecounter" to maintain transaction records and makes miscellaneous amendments to statutes concerning controlled substances. Sponsored by Rep. Stupak and 10 others.

H.R. 3514 - Rural Electrification Act of 1936 Amendments: Provides the Rural Electrification Administration with the authority to regulate the operations of any borrower whose net worth exceeds 110 percent of the outstanding principal balance of all loans made or guaranteed by REA to the borrower. Sponsored by Reps. De la Garza and Roberts.

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