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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 23, 1993
                      REMARKS BY PRESIDENT CLINTON
                          IN PHOTO OPPORTUNITY
                            The Oval Office

11:08 A.M. EST

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Be prepared for questions about everything except Korea here. (Laughter.)

Q We'll ask about Korea this time. Are you both on board with the same package for North Korea to permit inspection -- international inspection of its nuclear sites?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Well, we'll have a statement about that later. We just started our meeting. So I think we have to have the meeting before we can make a statement.

Q But it appears that President Kim seems to have a deviation in the policy.

PRESIDENT CLINTON: We haven't had our meeting yet. Give us a chance to talk about it and then we'll be glad to comment about it.

Q Are your options limited since China and Japan don't want you to proceed with sanctions?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: I think I'd like to comment on all that in the -- we'll have a press statement and then I'll answer questions about it. But I really would like to speak with President Kim first.

Q Do you know if North Korea has a nuclear weapon at this point?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: I want to have this meeting first and then I'll --

Q What else can we ask you about? (Laughter.)

Q Nothing ventured --

Q Are you going to ask the Attorney General to look into the Philadelphia state senate race? One of the --

Q Gingrich said you would.

Q Are you going to do that, do you think?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: The first I even knew about it was this morning. I don't know enough about it to give an answer. I'll have to look into it. I had not heard anything about it until this morning. I knew nothing about it until he mentioned it this morning.

Q How come you didn't jog together today?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Tomorrow. I don't know if he'll run with me tomorrow, but I'd like him to.

Q It depends on how late your dinner is.

PRESIDENT KIM: My impression is that most of the journalists would like to raise interest by describing the subject as a very difficult issue. In fact, sometimes they're very simple ones, in a way unnecessarily complicates --

I think that this time we had a very sizable amount of journalist delegation this time -- more than 100 people, I think, accompanied me on my visit in the U.S. this time.

PRESIDENT CLINTON: They all got to go first to Seattle, and then here?


END11:12 A.M. EST