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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 12, 1993
                         IN PHOTO OPPORTUNITY

                           The Oval Office

10:41 A.M. EST

Q Mr. President, are you considering a stop in the Middle East during your Europe trip in January to help the momentum of the Middle East peace process?

THE PRESIDENT: The Prime Minister and I are going to talk about what we can do to keep this going, but that's not one of the things that's been raised so far by anyone.

Q President Clinton, is King Hussein strong enough to make peace with Israel before President Assad?

THE PRESIDENT: I think he's in a good position to proceed now. And, of course, we all have come out for a process that will lead to comprehensive peace in the Middle East. But I think King Hussein obviously wants peace, and the recent elections must surely encourage him. I think the people of Jordan want peace.

Q Do you think there's a chance to reach any progress with the Syrians?

THE PRESIDENT: I hope so. We're going to discuss that today and a number of other issues. Over the long run, I think we'll have to make progress with everyone.

Q Mr. Prime Minister, what's your comment on the involvement of PLO people in the kidnapping and killing of an Israeli?

PRIME MINISTER RABIN: We consider it as a great and dangerous violation of the commitment of the PLO. In the letter that was signed by the Chairman of the PLO to me, he committed himself to renounce and reject terrorism. Keeping commitments is the basis for the advancement towards peace. We'll keep our commitments; we demand them to keep their commitments, and to come up openly in renouncing and taking the discipline measures which he is committed as it is written in the letter that he signed and sent to me.

THE PRESS: Thank you.

END10:44 A.M. EST