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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 4, 1993


Executive Summary 1

Technology for Economic Growth:
Checklist of Clinton Administration Key Accomplishments 3

Putting Technology to Work for America's Future                            9
      Meeting the Challenges: Technology and the Economy                   9
      Technology Development and Commercialization                        11
         Technology Reinvestment Project
         Advanced Technology Program
         Alliances to Tackle Technology Challenges
         Leveraging Federal Agencies' R&D
         Increasing Access to Commercially Useful Technology
      Technology Infrastructure                                           16 
         National Information Infrastructure
         Strengthening NIST Laboratory Programs
         Manufacturing Extension Partnership
         Technology "Road Maps" and Competitive Benchmarks
         Access to Foreign Science and Technology
         National Technology Medal
         National Quality Award
      People-Oriented Technology Policy                                   20
         Upgrading Training and Skills
         Office of the American Workplace
         Partnerships to Promote Worker Training
         Preparing Tomorrow's Workers
      Leadership in Basic Science, Mathematics, and Engineering           22
      Environment for Innovation and Private-Sector Investment            23
         Small Business Investment    
         Other Initiatives

Technology and Trade: Competing in a Global Economy                       27
      Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee                              27
      Opening Up Foreign Markets                                          28
      Toward a National Export Strategy Recommendations
              Now Being Implemented                                       29
      Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations
              Benefits for U.S. Technology Companies                      30
      North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA Benefits
              for U.S. Technology Companies                               31

Moving Manufacturing Technologies to the Global Marketplace               33
      Advanced Manufacturing Technologies                                 33
         Committee on Civilian Industrial Technologies
         Federal Agencies' Efforts
      Manufacturing Extension Partnership                                 36
      Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative                            38
      U.S.-Japan Manufacturing Technology Fellowship Program              38
      Electronics                                                         38
         Dual-Use Technology Strategy
         Other Agency Actions

Realizing the Opportunities of the Information Age                        41
      The NII: A High Priority for the Clinton Administration             41
      Action Plan and Accomplishments                                     42
         Private-Sector Investment
         "Universal Service" Concept
         Technological Innovation and New Applications
         Interactive, User-Driven Operation
         Information Security and Network Reliability
         Management of the Radio Frequency Spectrum
         Intellectual Property Rights
         Coordination with Other Governments
         Access to Government Information and Improved Government Procurement

Defense Technology: The Payoffs for Economic and Military Security        49
      Three Pillars of a 21st-Century Defense Technology Strategy         49
         Reform the Current DOD Acquisition Process
         Focus More R&D within DOD on Dual-Use Products and Processes
         Reach Out Globally to Allies
      Progress to Date                                                    51
         Dual-Use R&D/ARPA
         Technology Reinvestment Project

Energy and Environment: New Technologies for Growth                       55
      Climate Change Action Plan                                          56
      Clean Car Initiative                                                56
      Environmental Technologies Initiative and Export Strategy           57
      Environmental Technologies and NAFTA                                58
      Budget Priorities                                                   58
      Clean Cities                                                        58
      Natural Gas Strategic Plan                                          59
      Motor Challenge                                                     59
      Small Business Innovation Research                                  59
      Other Initiatives                                                   60

Transportation and the Economy                                            63
      Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles                        63
      Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles                               64
      Research and Technology Outreach Seminars                           65
      Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems                                 65
      Global Positioning System                                           65
      Climate Change Action Plan                                          66
      Magnetic Levitation                                                 66
      Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act                    66
      Aeronautics                                                         66
      High-Speed Research                                                 67
      Advanced Subsonic Technology                                        68