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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 3, 1993

Statement by the Press Secretary

The President today signed a decision directive that provides a policy framework for U.S. international drug control efforts as part of the Administration's over-all counter-drug policy. The President designated Director Lee Brown of the Office of National Drug Control Policy as responsible for oversight and direction for all counter-drug policies, in coordination with the National Security Council.

In his directive to agencies involved in the fight against illicit drugs in the hemisphere, the President said that the scourge of illegal narcotics is severely damaging the social fabric of the United States and other countries. He said that the operation of international criminal narcotics syndicates is a national security threat requiring an extraordinary and coordinated response by civilian and military agencies, both unilaterally and by mobilizing international cooperation with other nations and international organizations such as the U.N., OAS, and international financial institutions.

The President's directive, the result of an exhaustive eight-month review of U.S. international policies and strategies, instructed Federal agencies to change the emphasis in U.S. international drug programs from the past concentration largely on stopping narcotics shipments to a more evenly distributed effort across three programs:

He directed that a working group chaired by the State Department manage implementation of the international strategy, reporting its activities to Director Brown.

The President stressed the need for American leadership in the fight against international drug trafficking. He pledged to work with the Congress to ensure adequate funding for international counter-drug programs.

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