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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 2, 1993


I am pleased to sign today House Joint Resolution 228, which extends most-favored-nation tariff treatment for Romania. This action, which will lower tariffs on Romanian exports to the United States, reflects Romania's significant progress thus far in rejoining the community of democratic nations. It will also assist the growth of Romania's private sector and enhance our bilateral trading relations, improving American access to one of the largest markets in Eastern Europe.

Romania's people are emerging from a long period of tyranny and communist rule. Their road toward democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law, and a functioning market economy is not an easy one. While important steps have been taken, more remains to be done. As Romania continues to make progress, the United States will offer our friendship and help in tangible ways. Romania deserves recognition for its close cooperation with the United States in international organizations, particularly for its compliance with United Nations sanctions on Serbia. Romania, like the other front-line states, has made real sacrifices in this important effort, earning the appreciation of the international community.

I welcome this positive step in U.S.-Romanian relations and look forward to working with the people and leaders of Romania to promote democracy, human rights, a market economy and prosperity.

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