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October 28, 1993

Technology is the engine of economic growth, creating new jobs, building new industries, and improving our standard of living.

Technology is also a powerful tool for making government more efficient and responsive, harmonizing our economic growth and environmental objectives and making more efficient use of our energy resources. Increasingly, leadership in the use and commercialization of technology provides the foundation for America's status as an economic and military superpower.

As President, I have made technology policy a key element of my economic strategy. In the first nine months of my Administration, I have provided tax incentives for investments in R&D and new businesses, liberalized export controls, shifted federal resources toward basic research and civilian technology, invested in worker skills, and aggressively promoted defense conversion.

All of our initiatives, such as the promotion of the National Information Infrastructure, the development of a Clean Car, and Investments in manufacturing technology, will require a new partnership between government, industry, labor, and academia. I am committed to building this partnership and tearing down the walls that have prevented meaningful cooperation in the past.

This report summarizes some of the major initiatives we have taken to foster America's technological leadership and describes our plans for the future. Much remains to be done, but this Administration has taken important first steps and initiated real change. I welcome new and creative ideas for building on what we have accomplished to date.

Signed: Bill Clinton