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Vice President Gore to Visit Moscow
on December 15 and 16, 1993

Vice President Gore announced today that Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and he had agreed to conduct the next meeting of the Joint Commission on Energy and Space Cooperation in Moscow on December 15-16, 1993. The visit was announced simultaneously by U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher in Moscow.

The Commission, Co-Chaired by Vice President Gore and Prime Minister Chernomyrdin, was created by Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin at the Vancouver Summit. Its purpose is to increase cooperation and partnership between Russia and the United States in business development, energy, space, science and technology, defense conversion, and environmental programs. Vice President Gore hosted Prime Minister Chernomyrdin in Washington for the first meeting of the Commission in early September. At the December meeting, the Prime Minister and Vice President will assess progress made in implementing agreements reached at the first meeting, ratify new accords worked out this fall by the Commission's working groups, and chart the Commission's work for the future. The meeting will also contribute to the Summit between Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin to be held in January.

President Clinton and President Yeltsin envisioned the Commission as a means to broaden the U.S.-Russian partnership so that it encompasses not only security and foreign policy concerns, but also the evolution of an economic partnership for the future. As Vice President Gore stated at the conclusion of the September meeting, the United States and Russia have a great opportunity to expand this partnership by pursuing a joint agenda in energy, space, science, technology and the environment. Through these joint efforts, the two countries can ensure most effective use of limited resources and work together for mutual benefit in the form of expanded business and employment opportunities.

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