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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 16, 1993

Statement by the Director of Communications

We welcome the action by the U.N. Security Council today in adopting tough provisions to enforce the U.N. sanctions against Haiti. As the President stated yesterday, the United States is firmly committed to enforcing these sanctions when they come into effect Monday night in support of the international effort to restore democracy and order to Haiti.

Consistent with the President's pledge to protect U.S. personnel in Haiti, the Embassy security detachment is being reinforced with an additional 30 military personnel. These personnel arrived in Port-au-Prince this morning. They are now at the Embassy and are readying themselves to take up their duties.

In addition, the advance team for the international construction and training mission departed Port-au-Prince this morning for Norfolk, Virginia. This includes 52 Americans and eight Canadians. Until conditions exist for carrying out the technical assistance mission provided for under the Governor's Island agreement, the function of the advance party cannot proceed.

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