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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 14, 1993


I am pleased by last night's overwhelming vote in the House of Representatives in favor of my Goals 2000 education reform bill. This bill takes an important step towards codifying into law the National Education Goals.

Goals 2000 invites every state to participate in true systemic reform and will serve as the cornerstone of my administration's efforts to create a world-class system of education and training with high expectations and opportunities for every child.

I want to thank Chairmen Bill Ford and Dale Kildee and other Democratic members of the Education and Labor committee, whose experienced leadership and cooperation across party lines were crucial to attaining this important victory.

I am especially gratified by the broad bipartisan support that Goals 2000 enjoys. I want to thank the many distinguished Republicans--starting with Reps Bill Goodling and Steve Gunderson--who worked hard over many months to improve this bill and who spoke out so forcefully on its behalf yesterday. And I congratulate Secretary of Education Riley and Secretary of Labor Reich, whose unswerving commitment and effective advocacy were essential.

The enactment of my comprehensive education and training agenda is crucial to achieving an economy that can compete effectively in world markets and create high-skill, high-wage jobs for all Americans. I urge the Senate to bring this legislation to the floor as quickly as possible and approve it with bipartisan support.

It will be a great day for the children of America and for all Americans when I am able to sign Goals 2000 into law.