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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 13, 1993

With regret, Mrs. Shirley Chisholm has asked that her name be withdrawn as President Clinton's prospective nominee for the position of Ambassador to Jamaica. Mrs. Chisholm has been suffering a progressive eye disorder in recent months which has significantly affected her vision. Her concern over this problem and its potential effect on her ability to carry out the normal duties of the U.S. Ambassador in Jamaica has led her to conclude that her interest and those of the U.S. Government would be best served by the withdrawal of her candidacy.

The President made the following statement about Mrs. Chisholm's decision:

"I deeply regret that illness has forced Shirley Chisolm to ask that her nomination to be our country's ambassador to Jamaica be withdrawn. As I said when I first annouced my decision to nominate her, Shirley Chisholm is a true pioneer of American politics. Even before she ran for elective office, she had made her mark through her work teaching the children of New York, and through the force of her remarkable personality. As the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica, she would have been a powerful voice for cooperation and justice.

"Hillary and I both wish Shirley Chisholm all the best at this difficult time. She is in our thoughts and in our prayers."

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