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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 27, 1993


Monday, September 27, 1993

President Addresses UN, Cites NAFTA in Outline of Global Vision

Discussing the challenge facing the world's governments, the President stated "[f]rom beyond nations, economic and technological forces all over the globe are compelling the world toward integration. These forces are fueling a welcome explosion of entrepreneurship and political liberalization. But they also threaten to destroy the insularity and independence of national economies, quickening the pace of change and making many of our people more insecure."

"In a new era of peril and opportunity, our overriding purpose must be to expand and strengthen the world's community of market based democracies," the President asserted. "We will work to strengthen the free market democracies, by revitalizing our economy here at home, by opening world trade through the GATT, the North American Free Trade Agreement and other accords, and by updating our shared institutions." The President warned, however, that "putting each of our economic houses in order cannot mean that we shut our windows to the world," and that the world's governments "must help our publics to understand this distinction: Domestic renewal is an overdue tonic. But isolationism and protectionism are still poison. We must inspire our people to look beyond their immediate fears towards a broader horizon."

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