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For Immediate Release September 20, 1993


Monday, September 20, 1993

Democratic Senators Endorse NAFTA

"Trade Hawk" Clyde Prestowitz Takes Second Look, Endorses NAFTA

"Under the terms of NAFTA," Prestowitz writes, "we are giving away very little. The barriers being removed are mostly on the Mexican side. Ironically, their removal may actually reduce incentives for U.S. firms to move south." Without NAFTA, Prestowitz argues, it is only logical for U.S. producers of, say, minivans to export the excess production of their Mexican plants (which are required by pre-NAFTA Mexican law in order to sell in Mexico) back to the U.S. With NAFTA, the Big Three could shift their minivan production back to more efficient U.S. plants. NAFTA isn't perfect, Prestowitz concludes, but "even with its imperfections, NAFTA will leave America better off than before."

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