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The White House

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Statement by the President

I want to thank and congratulate members of the United States Senate today for passing a landmark piece of legislation, the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993.

Many times I have talked about how national service will bring together Americans from a wide variety of backgrounds, expand their educational opportunity, and empower a new generation to take on our nation's most pressing domestic needs. Thousands will spend a year or two serving their country and their communities -- working as teachers, as health care workers, or on environmental projects -- while helping to pay for school.

In the best sense of reinventing government, the new Corporation for National and Community Service will emphasize decentralization in favor of empowering local initiatives that devise local solutions to local problems. It will be bold and it will be entrepreneurial in its quest for excellent programs and quality participants. Its business plan will be an unwavering mandate to get things done in our communities and our country.

Today's Senate action is yet another opportunity for change for the American people. National Service will be the American way to change America.