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        A copy of this document can be retrieved from:


              The National Performance Review, Vice President Gore's 
        task force on reinventing government, announces the release of 
        _>From Red Tape to Results:  Creating a Government that Works 
        Better and Costs Less_.  On March 3, 1993, President Clinton 
        asked Vice President Gore to lead the first real quality 
        revolution of the federal government.  The National Performance 
        Review (NPR) was launched to analyze every federal agency and
        expenditure.  Now the task force has produced a report with 
        specific recommendations not only for cutting waste and reducing 
        costs, but also for changing the very way the government works 
        to make it more responsive and more effective.  In his remarks at 
        the ceremony releasing the report this morning, President Clinton 
        encouraged every concerned American to read this report.  In the 
        interest of making the report as widely available as possible, 
        _>From Red Tape to Results_, the 180-page overview report, is 
        being made available in print, on CD-ROM, and in an electronic
        edition.  An executive summary, 30 pages in length, will also be 
        made available.  In addition to these summary reports, there will 
        be 38 monograph reports focusing on cross-cutting issues and on 
        specific agencies.  As they are released during September, these 
        reports will be distributed in a manner similar to _>From Red 
        Tape to Results_.


              The print report may be ordered from the Government Printing
        Office by calling 202-783-3238.  Cite stock number 040-000-00592-7 
        when ordering the overview, and stock number 040-000-00591-9 for 
        the executive summary.  The print report may also be purchased at 
        GPO bookstores.

        An alternative source for a high quality reproduction print is
        available from NTIS. They can be contacted at (703) 487-4650

              Any user who has access to Internet electronic mail can 
        retrieve the full text version of the National Performance Review 
        documents by following these simple steps.  

            1. Send a message to:  

            2. In the body of the message, include the following text:

                   send npr nprintro
                   send npr npr01
                   send npr npr02
                   send npr npr03
                   send npr npr04
                   send npr nprconc
                   send npr nprend
                   send npr nappenbc

              In addition, the following documents are also available 
        through the electronic mail server.

        send npr help              - This document      
        send npr nprcomments       - Remarks from the President and
                                     Vice President on the NPR
        send npr npr_background    - NPR Background Briefing
        send npr otr_brief         - Osborne & Sharp OTR Briefing

              For users with access to gopher, these same documents can be 
        accessed through the gopher.  Menu item number 12 is 
        National Performance Review.  Open menu item number 12 and browse 
        the White House / Vice President Gore documents.
              _>From Red Tape to Results_ may also be retrieved via 
        anonymous file transfer from the Department of Commerce Internet 
        system.  To get the report, type the following commands:

                Userid> anonymous
                Password> your email address
                cd usdoc-oba-info
                get nprintro.asc
                get npr01.asc
                get npr02.asc
                get npr03.asc
                get npr04.asc
                get nprconc.asc
                get nprend.asc
                get nappena.asc
                get nappenbc.asc
              _>From Red Tape to Results_ is also available via ftp, 
        WAIS, Gopher, World Wide Web, and Mosaic on the SunSITE server 
        at the University of North Carolina ( or 
              For anonymous ftp, look in

              For WAIS clients, get National-Performance-Review.src from 
        the directory of servers.

              For gopher, point your client to and select 
        menu option 13, National Performance Review

              For WWW and Mosaic, multimedia hypertext access can be 
        found beginning at: hhtp://

              Users without WAIS or gopher clients may telnet to and login as gopher.

              SunSITE also supports ftpmail access; send a mail 
        message of HELP to:

         for details.
              _>From Red Tape to Results_ will also be distributed by the
        Commerce Department's Economic Bulletin Board (EBB) beginning 
        September 7, 1993.  We anticipate that the NPR monographs will 
        also be available on the EBB as they are issues.  EBB 
        subscribers may obtain the complete overview report for less 
        than $5.00.  Nonsubscribers may subscribe for $35 and
        receive full access to the report for no additional charge and 
        obtain access to over 2,000 files covering current economic and 
        business news issues by the U.S. Government.  Call 202-482-1986 
        for more information. Free telnet access is also available to EBB 
        (telnet and use TRIAL as userid).

              _>From Red Tape to Results_ may also be downloaded from 
        the FedWorld Bulletin Board, maintained by the National 
        Technical Information Service.  Set software parameters for 
        N-8-1 and dial 703-321-8020. FedWorld accomodates baud rates 
        up to 9600.  FedWorld is also accessible via telnet using the 
        address  White House papers are located in the 
        W-house library of files.  To access this library from the 
        FedWorld menu, enter <f> <s> <w-house>.  Files are named with the 
        release month and day as the first four digits.  Hence _>From Red 
        Tape to Results_, release on September 7, is file 0907NPR.TXT, 
        the 30-page executive summary is 0907NPR2.TXT, and the 3-page press 
        release is 0907NPR3.TXT.  Further information about FedWorld can be 
        obtained by calling (voice) 703-487-4648.


              The overview report will also be available for archive and
        research purposes on the National Economic, Social, and 
        Environmental Data Bank (NESE-DB) CD-ROM produced by the
        Department of Commerce.  _>From Red Tape to Results_ will be 
        available on the August 1993 issue of NESE-DB. We anticipate that 
        the complete report including all monographs will be available on 
        the November 1993 issue.  NESE-DB may be purchased for $95 per 
        issue or $360 per annual subscription (issued quarterly).  The 
        CD-ROM is also available for free public access in 860 federal 
        depository libraries located througout the country.  NESE-DB may 
        be ordered by contacting:  

                  Office of Business Analysis
                  Room H4884
                  Department of Commerce
                  Washington, DC  20230
                  Telephone:  202-482-1986
                  Fax:        202-482-2164


              Several commercial services have also indicated an interest 
        in posting NPR documents and in hosting a series of NPR topic 
        focus-area conferences.  This list is offered for your assistance 
        but is not intended to recommend or promote any of these commercial 
              America Online:  
              On America Online, compressed versions of the entire National 
              Performance Revicew documents are easily accessible by going 
              to keyword: WHITE HOUSE, or by locating the White House Forum 
              in the News & Finance Department. The files are available for 
              downloading in the White House Forum's download library.

              CompuServe:  GO WHITEHOUSE and GO DEMOCRATS

              THE WHITE HOUSE ROUNDTABLE on GEnie(R)
              The White House RoundTable is your connection to the OFFICIAL 
              Electronic Press Releases and announcements from the White House 
              Office of Media Affairs, including the newly released National 
              Performance Review Report.  To access White House RoundTable, 
              type "WHITEHOUSE". To download the National Performance Review 
              Report, type "MOVE 1600;3" from anywhere on GEnie, and use menu 
              option #6 to download file# 628 NPR90793.ZIP.  (This is a 
              compressed ASCII text file that expands to 530K) For GEnie 
              connect information, call voice 800-638-9636.

              The WELL:  Type:  "whitehouse"

              MCI:  type "VIEW THE WHITEHOUSE"

              On Peacenet or Econet:  See pol.govinfo.usa

         Thank you for your interest.