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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release August 31, 1993


WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Clinton today announced his intention to nominate the following individuals to posts in his Administration:

     Department of Agriculture
     Michael Dunn, Administrator of the Farmers Home 

     Department of Defense
     H. Allen Holmes, Assistant Secretary for Special Operations 
     and Low-Intensity Conflict

     Department of Labor
     J. Davitt McAteer, Assistant Secretary for Mine Safety and 
     Preston Taylor, Jr., Assistant Secretary for Veterans 
     Employment and Training

     Department of Veterans Affairs
     Kathy Jurado, Assistant Secretary for Public and 
     Intergovernmental Affairs

     Agency for International Development
     Mark Schneider, Assistant Administrator for Latin America 
     and the Caribbean

The President applauded his new nominees.

"These individuals, experienced in each of their fields, are important additions to our administration," the President said.

"Michael Dunn's work at the National Farmers Union will serve him well as he takes the helm on issues important to rural Americans. H. Allen Holmes brings an extensive knowledge of foreign affairs and previous State Department experience to his new role. Mr. McAteer's important work in mine safety will assist him as he works to ensure the safety of our country's mine workers.



"I am confident General Taylor will be an effective advocate for veterans in the Labor Department as will Kathy Jurado in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mark Schneider's experience in pan-american issues will also bode him well as he takes his post at AID," the President said.

Biographical sketches of the nominees follow:

Michael V. Dunn has served as Vice President for Government Affairs of the National Farmers Union since 1988. Prior, he served as a staff member on the U.S. Senate Agricultural Committee (1987 - 88), as Vice President for Government Relations for the Farm Credits Bank of Omaha (1982 - 86), and as a commissioner of the Iowa Development Commission (1981-84). Dunn earned a BA from the University of New Mexico in 1971 and a MA from the university in 1972.

H. Allen Holmes is a Career Minister of the U.S. Foreign Service who was sworn in as Ambassador at Large for Burdensharing in 1989. In his role as ambassador, Holmes was responsible to the President for ensuring a more balanced sharing of security responsibilities and costs by NATO members, Japan and other allies. Holmes previously served as an assistant secretary of state for politico-military affairs (1985 - 89) and as Ambassador to Portugal (1982 - 85). Holmes earned a BA from Princeton in 1954 and served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps from 1954-57.

J. Davitt McAteer has served as executive director of the Occupational Safety and Health Law Center since 1984. From 1976- 84, he served as director and attorney of the mining project at the Center for Law and Social Policy. Previously, McAteer served as solicitor of safety and attorney with the United Mine Workers of America (1972-76) and as an attorney with Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of Responsive Law (1971-72). He is the author of numerous articles on mine safety. McAteer earned a BA from Wheeling College in 1966 and a JD from West Virginia University in 1970.


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Preston M. Taylor, Jr., a retired Brigadier General, has served as Deputy Adjutant General of New Jersey since 1990, second in command of the state's Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs. Previously, Taylor served as a policy planner for that department (1988-90). For the bulk of his career (1960 - 88), Taylor was supervisor at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Taylor earned a BA from Pepperdine University and a MA from Central Michigan University.

Kathy Jurado, a public affairs specialist, served on the Presidential Transition Team and as Florida Press Secretary for the Clinton-Gore campaign. From 1991-92, Jurado served as director of communications and public affairs for the Florida Democratic Party. From 1990-91, she served on the Transition team staff of Florida Governor-elect Lawton Chiles. Formerly, Jurado was vice president of corporate communications for the Home Shopping network. She earned a BA from the University of Notre Dame in 1982.

Mark Schneider is chief of the Office of Analysis and Strategic Planning and Senior Policy Advisor to the Director of the Pan American Health Organization of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization. From 1977-79, Schneider was a senior deputy assistant secretary of state for human rights in the State Department. He served as a legislative assistant for Senator Edward Kennedy from 1970-77 and 1980-81. Schneider is a former reporter and Peace Corps volunteer. He earned a BA from the University of California-Berkeley in 1963 and a MA from San Jose State College in 1965.