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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release August 19, 1993
                       Statement by the President 
                     on National Airline Commission 

Today I received, with great interest and enthusiasm, the report of the National Commission to Ensure a Strong, Competitive Airline industry. For the past three months, Governor Baliles and his colleagues have worked tirelessly to identify ways to revive this critical industry. The commission has done its work well.

Now my administraiton and the Congress must take the next steps to ensure that government policy encourages a prosperous airline industry. Aviation provides high-wage jobs and is a leading exporter of American products and services. In the past, this industry has provided good jobs for millions of Americans, while meeting and beating our competition abroad. In recent years, however, both airlines and aerospace manufacturers have suffered financial losses and have laid off some of our most skilled and productive workers.

We have already taken the first, and most important, steps toward strengthening the aviation industry. This sector's problems are interwined with our nation's broader economic challenges. By reducing the deficit and providing incentives for economic expansion, the recently enacted budget creates the climate for economic growth that is a precondition for the revival of aviation.

The commission's report recommends several additional steps to achieve an air transport system that is efficient, technologically superior and financially strong. Under the leadership of Transportation Secretary Federico Pena and Council of Economic Advisors Chair Laura Tyson, my administration will consider these proposals and develop an administration plan. We will work with Congress to respond to the industry's problems, in a manner consistent with our deficit reduction and economic goals.

I look forward to meeting with Governor Baliles and the commission members upon my return to Washington.

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