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The White House

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Statement by the President

I am extremely pleased by action taken today by the Senate in passing the National and Community Service Trust Act. I am also gratified that Republicans and Democrats were able to work together to turn this landmark legislation into reality.

National service will take on our nation's most pressing unmet needs while empowering a new generation to serve as leaders of change. National service is about enhanced educational opportunity and rebuilding the American community. Most importantly, national service is about getting things done.

A number of senators played crucial roles in helping pass this bill. In particular, I would like to thank Senator Kennedy for the leadership and dedication he has shown throughout this process. Thanks to the efforts of the Senate today and the House last week, young people will soon be serving their country in their communities here at home.

I've always said national service is the American way to change America. I commend the United States Congress for taking action that will prove that true.