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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                   July 26, 1993
                                        Contact:  Lori Abrahms

             White House and Veterans Work Together
                         For Mutual Gain

As thousands of pieces of mail arrive at the White House

daily, the Presidential Inquiries Branch found a way not only

to be more responsive to the American people, but to allow a

distinguished group of our nation's veterans to continue serving

their country.

The U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (USSAH), in Northwest

D.C., houses nearly 2,000 veterans from every state in the union.

Ninety-two percent served 20 or more years in the military, and

fought in every war from World War I to Vietnam.

USSAH got started in the White House mail business last

January. Members traveled to the Old Executive Office Building

each Thursday to help process White House mail. For many it was

an opportunity to continue serving their Commander in Chief,

long after their years of military service had ended.

Unfortunately, many members were not physically capable of

traveling into town, or working a full day. USSAH asked if there

was any way that mail could be brought to the Home, where many

members could contribute, and at the same time, benefit from

helping out.

Sitting on 320 acres of fenced and guarded land, the

Soldiers' and Airmen's Home provided a secure environment.

Furthermore, nearly all the members had clearances during their

time in the service, and the Home's facilities provided ample

work space. After careful consideration, it was determined

everyone could benefit from a program at the Home.

Today, nearly 100 veterans volunteer more than 300 hours

each week. Some have suffered strokes and are partially

paralyzed, others arrive in wheelchairs, and still others come

physically active and ready to contribute any way they can. They

address envelopes, stuff school packets, open and group thousands

of pieces of mail, not including work done at the Old Executive

Office Building.

Most importantly, those volunteering feel a sense of pride

that they can still contribute. Volunteering time and effort

for the President is a natural progression for people who have

spent their lives dedicated to serving our nation. Rarely has

a program worked so well, to help so many.