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Vice President Al Gore To Visit Justice Department Workers About their Jobs
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Vice President Al Gore will visit with Justice Department employees Wednesday (7/14) to hear their ideas about making government more effective and efficient. The Vice President has met with employees at federal agencies in Washington, D.C., and across the country as part of a six-month National Performance Review he is directing to find ways to make the federal government work better and cost less.

The Vice President will visit with employees in a town hall meeting Wednesday (7/14) starting at 2 PM (EST) in the Justice Department Great Hall.

"All across our country, federal employees are speaking out about ways they could be doing their jobs better, costing the government less money, and providing better service to the American people. We need to hear their suggestions and listen to their ideas," the Vice President said.

                     Wednesday, July 14, 1993 

2 PM (EST) The Vice President conducts a town hall meeting with Justice Department employees.

              Justice Department, Great Hall 
              10th and Constitution, NW 
              Washington, D.C. 

NOTE: The event is open press. Accredited media that wish to attend should start arriving at 12:30 PM (EST) and report to Great Hall. Media should expect a security sweep. They will be credentialed at the door.
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