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                  Office of the Press Secretary
                         (Seoul, Korea)
For Immediate Release                          July 11, 1993     
                    REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                          Blue House  
                          Seoul, Korea 

9:55 A.M. (L)

Q What do you think of Korea?

THE PRESIDENT: It's a terrific country. It's amazing all the things that have been done in such a short time. And the vibrancy of the democracy is really amazing. To think that President Kim, just a few years ago, was under house arrest, and then he winds up being the President of the country, it's a real tribute to the people here as well as to their leaders.

Q What do you hope to accomplish with your visit to the DMZ this afternoon?

THE PRESIDENT: I just want to -- first of all, since I'm in the country, I want to go up there and see our forces and tell them how much I appreciate what they're doing. Secondly, I want to reenforce the message that I issued yesterday in my meeting with President Kim and in my speech to the National Assembly.

Q Why do you feel North Korea needs the message right now?

THE PRESIDENT: Because they are not fully in compliance with the NPT.

END9:58 A.M. (L)