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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 1, 1993


Dr. Jack Ward Thomas, U.S. Department of Agriculture Working Group Leader

Bob Anthony, Wildlife Biologist, Fish and Wildlife Service Roger Clark, Social Scientist, Forest Service Michael W. Collopy, Wildlife Biologist, Bureau of Land Management Sarah Crim, Harvest Analyst, Forest Service Nancy DeLong, Administration, Forest Service Duane Dippon, GIS Analyst, Bureau of Land Management Eric Forsman, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service Jerry Franklin, Forest Ecologist, University of Washington Elizabeth Garr, Endangered Species Branch Chief, NMFS Brian Greber, Economist, Oregon State University Grant Gunderson, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service Dick Holthausen, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service Bob House, Fisheries Biologist, Bureau of Land Management Bob Jacobs, Deputy Regional Forester, Forest Service Norm Johnson, Economist, Oregon State University Linda Kucera, Administration, Fish and Wildlife Service Robin Lesher, Plant Ecologist, Forest Service Joe Lint, Wildlife Biologist, Bureau of Land Management Bruce Marcot, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service Chuck Meslow, Wildlife Biologist, Fish and Wildlife Service Cindy Miner, Technology Transfer, Forest Service Barry Mulder,Wildlife Biologist, Fish and Wildlife Service Marty Raphael, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service Gordon Reeves, Fisheries Biologist, Forest Service Fred Seavey, GIS Analyst, Fish and Wildlife Service Jim Sedell, Aquatic Ecologist, Forest Service Margaret Shannon, Forest Social Scientist, Univ. of Washington Tom Spies, Forest Ecologist, Forest Service George Stankey, Economist, Oregon State University Ed Starkey, Wildlife Biologist, National Park Service John Steffenson, GIS Analyst, Forest Service Fred Swanson, Geomorphologist, Forest Service John Tappeiner, Silviculturist, Bureau of Land Management Fred Weinman, Senior Ecologist, Environmental Protection Agency Jack Williams, Science Advisor to Director, BLM Cindy Zabel, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service

Working Group Leader

Howard Leathers, Council of Economic Advisors Jonathan Silver, Department of Commerce Mike Schmidt, Domestic Policy Council
Jim Van Erden, Department of Labor
Tom Peterson, Environmental Protection Agency Felicity Gillette, Economic Development Administration, Commerce

Robert Ducan, Department of Housing and Urban Development Marc Chupka, White House Office on Environmental Policy Steve Redburn, Office of Management and Budget Cynthia Sheeley, Department of Agriculture J. Lamar Beasley, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture Bill Hagy, Rural Development Administration, USDA Robert Gillingham, Department of Treasury Kirhn Duwadi, Office of Management and Budget Tom Tuchmann, Department of Interior
Mark Gaede, Department of Agriculture
Joe Papovich, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Wolcott, Environmental Protection Agency Doris Freedman, Small Business Administration


Jim Pipkin, Department of Interior
Working Group Leader

Mike Spear, Asst. Director, Ecological Services, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Dale Hall, Asst. Regional Director, Ecological Services, USFWS Barry Mulder, Project Manager for Forest Ecosystem Office Mike Penfold, Asst. Director, Lands and Renewable Resources, Bureau of Land Management
Elaine Zielinski, Deputy State Director, Lands and Renewable Resources, BLM
Mike Collopy, Director of BLM Coop Research Unit Jim Overbay, Deputy Chief, National Forest System, Forest Service, USDA
John Lowe, Regional Forester, Forest Service, USDA Nancy Foster, Acting Asst. Administrator for Fisheries, National Marine Fisheries Service
Rolland Schmitten, Director, NW Region, NMFS Merritt Tuttle, Division Chief, Environmental and Technical Services, NMFS
Richard Sanderson, Director of the Office of Federal Activities, Environmental Protection Agency
Anne Miller, Director, Federal Agency Liaison Division, EPA Charles Findley, Director, Water Division, Region 10, EPA Pete Raynor, Assistant Solicitor, Fish and Wildlife Chris Clark, Assistant Solicitor for Land Use and Realty Mike Gippert, Deputy Assistant , General Counsel for Natural Resources Division