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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 28, 1993


Beginning at about 1:15 pm this afternoon, President Clinton spoke with Russian President Boris Yeltsin for 30 minutes. The two leaders exchanged views on issues to be discussed at the G-7 Summit in Tokyo. President Clinton described G-7 efforts to develop a program to support the process of democratic reform and development of free markets in Russia and said the U.S. expects the G-7 to move forward with a solid package of assistance.

President Clinton also reviewed progress made in implementing the U.S. bilateral assistance package he announced in Vancouver, noting that the U.S. had already obligated more than half of the $1.6 billion. President Clinton that the separate and additional $1.8 billion assistance package for Russia has been approved by the House of Representatives and was under consideration by the Senate. He reiterated to President Yeltsin his full support for this effort.

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