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                         THE WHITE HOUSE

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THURSDAY, June 24, 1993                         202-456-7035
                                                Julia Payne
                                      ON SITE:  Bruce Wilganen
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WASHINGTON -- Vice President Al Gore will arrive in Philadelphia Friday (6/25) at 7:15 AM to host a federal employees town hall meeting and lead a day-long summit on "Creating a Government That Works" to examine ways to make government work better and cost less.

The Vice President will meet with federal workers at 8 AM (EST) in a town hall meeting to hear their ideas about how to improve government. He will then lead a day-long summit in Congress Hall to examine how the federal government can learn from cutting-edge businesses and state and local governments that have incorporated innovative management styles and new principles for production, making them more effective and efficient and saving money in the process.

The Vice President is leading the National Performance Review, an intensive, six-month study of the federal government that will produce a report with specific recommendations for how to streamline government, make it more effective and efficient, service its customers -- the American people -- better, and cost less.

Air Force Two will arrive at approximately 7:20 AM (EST) at the Philadelphia International Airport, Gate 55 on South Island Avenue. Press should arrive at 6:30 AM (EST) for credentialing and security sweep. Microwave and satellite vehicles will be accommodated.

Vice President Gore will arrive at the First Bank building, (143 S. Third Street) at 8 AM (EST) to participate in a town hall meeting with Philadelphia-area federal employees. As part of the National Performance Review, the Vice President has met with federal employees in Washington, D.C. and across the country to hear their ideas about making government work better and cost less.

Press call for the town meeting is at 7 AM (EST) at First Bank, 143 S. Third Street. Please be prompt to facilitate the United States Secret Service security sweep. The event will last until about 9 AM (EST).

Starting at about 9 AM (EST), the Vice President will lead the summit on "Creating a Government That Works" at Congress Hall at Sixth and Chestnut Streets. He will meet with industry and government leaders, and experts in organization and management to talk about improving government.

The Summit will open at 9 AM (EST) and continue through 5 PM (EST) with a break for lunch at 12:30 PM (EST). Building opens at 6 AM (EST). Media should pre-position cameras before 7 AM (EST) for security sweep. Other media will enter promptly at 8 AM (EST).

NOTE: Media crews that intend to broadcast live must install cable TONIGHT, Thursday (6/24). It is a long cable run. All trucks must be in place before 7 AM (EST) Friday (6/25) on Sixth Street.

Entrances and exits will be limited to the break times and at lunch. Crews may set up or take down at lunch. For your convenience, telephones and closed circuit video distribution will be provided at the Public Ledger Building directly across the street.