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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 9, 1993

Statement of the Press Secretary

We welcome the announcement by the Government of Kuwait that it has lifted the economic boycott of companies that do business with Israel. Elimination of this boycott has been a high priority for the President since he assumed office. The Administration has repeatedly pressed Arab governments and our allies to end this economic discrimination. In this regard, during his visit to the Middle East in February, within a month of assuming office, Secretary of State Warren Christopher emphasized the priority that this Administration places on elimination of the boycott during his visit to Kuwait and other Arab capitals. We have continued to press the issue since then through a variety of bilateral and multilateral contacts.

Kuwait's action also represents an important step forward in opening additional business opportunities for American companies in the Middle East. We will continue to urge others in the Middle East to follow Kuwait's lead and eliminate their adherence to the boycott. We will also continue to work with our allies in Europe and Japan to take further steps to eliminate the boycott.