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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 25, 1993
                       REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                       WHIP TASK FORCE MEETING
                          State Dining Room

8:45 A.M. EDT

Q Mr. President, we haven't actually been able to get your view on the relationship -- or the dealings the White House had with the FBI and all this travel stuff. Could you tell us what your view of all that is? Was it appropriate? Did you know about it?

THE PRESIDENT: The only thing I know is that we made a decision to save the taxpayers and the press money. That's all I know. We -- saved 25 percent on the first plane ride and saved the taxpayers a bunch of money. Any other questions, I'll just refer you to Mr. McLarty --

Q Was it your decision to go around the Attorney General and have the FBI issue a very rare statement?

THE PRESIDENT: I had nothing to do with any decision, except to try to save the taxpayers and the press money. The press has been complaining for years that they were overcharged by the -- the way the thing was done before. The first trip out we saved 25 percent for the press and the taxpayers saved a lot of money. That's all I know about it --

END9:48 A.M. EDT