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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 15, 1993

WASHINGTON, May 15/U.S. Newswire/ -- Following is a statement by President Clinton on the Los Angeles mayor's race.

"On June 8, Los Angeles voters will select the first new Mayor in two decades -- a Mayor who must reinvigorate the economy and ensure the safety of all communities. I endorse Michael Woo because I believe he is the best person to meet these challenges.

As a councilman, Mike Woo has put people first, consistently fighting for the middle class against the special interests, appealing to our hopes not our fears. He created innovative programs to finance small business, reformed the city's ethics laws, and developed a model community service program. He has fought to get criminals and their guns off the streets.

Early last year, Mike Woo stood with me to support an agenda of change to help working families, rebuild our cities, and bring people together. Mike Woo has dedicated his life to creating jobs in Southern California and making government work for all people. The people of Los Angeles can trust Mike Woo to work long and hard to get the job done for them.

As mayor, Mike Woo will be my partner to reinvigorate the Southern California economy, put more police on the streets, and inspire the many different communities that comprise Los Angeles to pull together again. I look forward to working with him for change."
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