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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 13, 1993



(Washington, DC) President Clinton announced his intention today to nominate G. Edward DeSeve and Nelson Diaz to be Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, respectively, of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, David Hinson to be Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, and Peter Galbraith to be Ambassador to Croatia.

"We are continuing to make real progress in filling key positions in my Administration," said the President. "This group of individuals whose appointments we are announcing today have the kind of experience and expertise that our country needs."

Also today, the President announced his approval of the appointments of John Horsley to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Governmental Affairs, Kathryn Kahler to be Director of Communications at the Department of Education, Ken Thorpe to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation, and Susan Levine to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Development and Debt Policy.

Biographical sketches of the nominees are attached.

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                           May 13, 1993

G. Edward DeSeve, an expert with more than 20 years experience in public finance, is currently Senior Lecturer at the Fels Center of Government at the University of Pennsylvania and a Director of the Drexel Partnership Interests-B Corporation. He was previously Special Assistant to Pennsylvania Governor William Casey, with a broad range of responsibility for oversight and liaison with state agencies. Prior to that, he had been President of the American Capital Group, a financial advisory and investment banking firm, and Managing Director in charge of municipal finance activites for Merrill Lynch Capital Markets. He had previous government service in a variety of positions with the City of Philadelphia, and as volunteer in the VISTA program. DeSeve holds Bachelor of Science in Labor Economics from Cornell University and Master of Government Administration in Public Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Graduate Division.

Nelson Diaz is a judge in the Trial Division, Court of Common Pleas, First Judicial District of Pennsyvnia. He has served on the bench since 1981, and has also lectured in law at Temple University. Diaz, the first person of Puerto Rican ancestry to be addmitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, was previosly associated with the law firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr, and SolisCohen. He was Special Assistant to Vice President Walter Mondale, and preior to that, Ececutive Director of the Spanish Merchants Association of Philadelphia. He has been a Public Defender, a bilingual weekly columnist, and Associate Counsel of the Temple Legal Aid Program. He holds a B.S. in accounting from St. John's University and a J.D. from Temple University Law School.

David Hinson is currently the Executive Vice President for Marketing and Business Development at McDonnell Douglas Corporation's Douglas Aircraft Company. He was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Midway Airlines, which he had helped to found after also starting Flightcraft, Inc. A former Naval Aviator, Hinson has worked as a pilot for Northwest Airline and West Coast Airlines, and was an executive of Air West and its sucessor Hughes Air West before going into business for himself. Hinson holds a bachelors degree from the University of Washington.


May 13, 1993
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Peter Galbraith has been a Senior Professional Staff Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee since 1979. His duties have included serving as the Committee's principal advisor on South Asian, Persian Gulf, and North African Affairs. He has written a number of articles and reports for the Committee, including 1992 report on Ethnic Cleansing and BosniaHercegovenia. Before coming to Washington, he was an Assistant Professor of Economics and International Relations at Windham College in Putney, Vermont, and part time instructor at the School for International Training and at Kenne State (NH) College. He was also Chairman of the Vermont State Democratic Committee. Galbraith holds a B.A. from Harvard College, an M.A. from Oxford University, and J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center.

John Horsley, who served in the Transportation cluster of the Clinton/Gore transition, is County Commissioner in Kitsap County, Washington and President of National Democratic County Officials. He is also the former President of the National Association of Counties and was the Founding Chairman of the Rebuild America Coalition. Horsley, an Army veteran and former Peace Corps volunteer, is a graduate of Harvard College, did graduate work at Georgetown University, and completed a public executives' program at the University of Washington's Graduate School of Public Affairs.

Kathryn Kahler is Chairman of the Board of Governors and former President of the National Press Club. She has also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Press Building Corporation. Kahler was previously a reporter for Newhouse News Service, where she covered legal affairs and environmental and energy affairs, and for the Nyack, NY, JournalNews.

Kenneth Thorpe is an Associate Professor of Health Policy and Administratin at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. Before coming to UNC in 1990, he taught for four years at the Harvard University School of Public Health, where he was Director of a Program on Health Care Financing and Insurance, and for three years at Columbia University. Thorpe has also been involved in a variety of health care reform efforts, including the Pepper Commission, state panels in New York and Massachusetts, and was formerly a staff member of the Congressional Budget Office's Human Resources and Community Development Division. He holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan, M.A. from Duke University, and Ph.D. from the Rand Graduate Institute.


May 13, 1993
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Susan Levine is Senior Vice President of the Investment Banking Department at Lehman Brothers in New York, where she has worked since 1984. She was formerly part of Lehman's Global Finance Department, arranged finacing in Japanese financial markets for U.S. and Canadian companies, and heped develop the firm's business efforts in the People's Republic of China. Levine worked for Bank America International and First Chicago International. She also worked as an interpreter in China for the National Geographic Society and the National Committee on U.S.-China relations. A native of Fargo, North Dakota, Levine is a graduate of Swarthmore College, holds an MBA from Columbia University, and studies at Taiwan National University.

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