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     To: the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the 
     President of the Senate:

     I have the honor to transmit to you the Budget of the United 
     States Government for Fiscal Year 1994.

     In my February 17th address to the Congress, and in the 
     report, A Vision of Change for America, that followed the 
     address, I outlined the basic elements of the plan that 
     forms the basis of this budget.  The plan has three key 
     elements: economic stimulus to create jobs now and lay the 
     foundation for long term economic growth; long-term public 
     investments to increase the productivity of American workers 
     and businesses; and fair, balanced and equitable deficit 
     reduction measures to stop government deficits from 
     preempting the private investments needed to create jobs and 
     raise living standards.

     The plan flows from the demand of the American people for 
     change and my vision of what America can be if we embark 
     upon an economic strategy of investing in people and putting 
     people first.  Achieving this change will not be easy, but 
     the cost of not changing is far greater.  To ensure that our 
     children's generation is not the first generation of 
     Americans to do worse in life than their parents, we must 
     restore the American dream.

     This budget extends the elements of the plan into each 
     department and agency of the Federal Government and proposes 
     appropriations language and other required information for 
     the Congress to place the plan fully into effect.  Enactment 
     of the proposals in this budget will bring the vision that 
     underlies my plan -- a vision of a brighter, more prosperous 
     future for America -- a step closer to reality.

     Although powerful special interests that profit from the 
     status quo may oppose the plan, the American people have 
     demanded change, and it is our responsibility as their 
     elected servants to answer their call and take the action 
     they demand.

     I am gratified by and grateful for the support this program 
     has received in the Congress thus far.  However, much 
     remains to be done.  Therefore I ask for your continued 
     support and help.  Together we can get the American economy 
     moving again, bring Federal finances back to a sound 
     footing, and restore hope in the hearts of the American 

                                        William J. Clinton

       April 8, 1993