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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 2, 1993


       The President welcomed NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner to 
       the White House today.  The President reaffirmed the fundamental 
       importance of NATO and the transatlantic relationship, and his 
       commitment to maintaining a significant American military 
       presence in Europe to defend the interests of the United States 
       and its allies and friends.  
       The President and Secretary General Woerner discussed the crisis 
       in the former Yugoslavia, and what actions NATO could take to 
       support the efforts of the international community to bring that 
       tragedy to a peaceful conclusion.
       In addition, the President and Secretary General Woerner 
       discussed the ongoing work in NATO to develop the Alliance's 
       peacekeeping capabilities in support of the United Nations and 
       the CSCE and with the involvement of NATO's partners in the North 
       Atlantic Cooperation Council. 
       The President thanked Secretary General Woerner for his continued 
       stewardship of the Atlantic Alliance, and looks forward to 
       working closely with him in continuing to adapt the Alliance to 
       meet the common challenges of the future.

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