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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 1, 1993

Today I am taking two actions to restore a needed balance in America's workplace. I believe that these steps, by reducing unnecessary Federal Government intrusion into workplace relations, ultimately will promote the shared goals of American workers and management and strengthen the ability of this country's businesses and industry to compete in the world economy.

First, I am revoking Executive Order No. 12818. This order, issued on October 23, 1992 by President Bush, prohibits contractors that have entered into project agreements with unions from bidding on Federal construction contracts. American taxpayers and the Federal Government are not well-served by this restriction. Such agreements establish labor standards for work early in the process. They reduce instances of cost overruns by permitting contract bidders to make more reliable cost estimates before bidding. They promote completion of projects in a timely manner by assuring a stable supply of skilled workers. And they promote safe working conditions. By revoking Executive Order No. 12818 today, such project agreements will again be allowed in Federal construction contracts.

Second, I am revoking Executive Order No. 12800, issued on April 13, 1992. This order required unionized Federal contractors to post a notice in the workplace that workers are not required to join or support a union and threatened sanctions against contractors who did not comply. The effect of this order was distinctly antiunion as it did not require contractors to notify workers of any of their other rights protected by the National Labor Relations Act, such as the right to organize and bargain collectively. By revoking this order, I today end the Government's role in promoting this one-sided version of workplace rights.



February 1, 1993.

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