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For Immediate Release: January 29, 1993


The President has directed the Secretary of Defense to conduct a review of the current Department of Defense policy that excludes homosexuals from military service and prepare a draft executive order based upon that review by July 15, 1993

Current Department of Defense personnel policies related to this issue will remain in effect at least through July 15, 1993 while the Department of Defense is conducting the review directed by the President, subject to the following guidance:

First, question regarding sexual orientation will be removed from future versions of the induction application, and will not be asked in the interim. The briefings on military justice which all recruits are required to receive upon entry to military service and periodically thereafter under Article 137 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice will include a detailed explanation of the applicable laws and regulations governing sexual conduct by members of the armed services.

Second, the Department of Justice is seeking continuances in pending court-cases involving former service members who have been discharged on the basis of homosexuality and who are seeking reinstatement into military service. The continuances would freeze those cases pending the completion of the review directed by the President.

Third, commanding officers will continue to precess cases under the current cases and regulations related to homosexuality.