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For Immediate Release January 22, 1993

Statement of Vice President Al Gore

Today, we are sending a clear message to the special interests who used the Council on Competitiveness as a back-door to avoid the law. That back door is closed. No longer will special interests receive special favors. No longer will our laws be ignored or undermined. No longer will decisions that should be made in public be made in private. In this Administration everyone will play by the rules and public decisions will be public information.

The Council on Competitiveness was founded on a false choice; that the interests of workers, consumers, and the environment conflict with the goal of economic growth. And, rather than reconciling those objectives in public, the past Administration used the Council on Competitiveness as an excuse for special favors for narrow interests and back-room decisions. We are committing ourselves to a process that will serve the American people honestly, openly, and with respect for the law and their safety.

President Clinton and I today reaffirm our strong support for policies that recognize we must ensure environmental protection to have strong economic growth.